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I'm Creating The Next Wave Of Millionaires AND You're Invited!

The Mainstream Media Has been teaching you Mainstream Math for decades. I'm going to show you my proprietary process that I've used for 25 years to create Millionaires, I call it Millionaire Maker Math.

Normally $750, Claim Your Ticket For Only A $47,  Commitment Tutition Fee AND For A Limited Time & Bring A Guest!

Next Virtual Event: 

October 21-22, 2021 or November 11-12, 2021

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Loral & Her Expert Wealth Team Are Back With All New Training! 

The system isn't broken, it was built this way! 

How has it been working for you?

If you've seen what I've seen...It was designed to guarantee that the Ruling Class & Wall Street make money no matter what.

And... While they win, "Main Street" loses. 

My mission in life is to teach people a better way, using Millionaire Maker Math.

When you apply my proprietary  systems to your financial strategies...

You'll finally break through the "Status Quo Plateau" and find financial returns far above the ordinary.

Loral Langemeier And Her Hand Picked Experts Are back for another Event, With All New Curriculum!

It's been proven that your ability to create Financial Freedom is in direct proportion to your ability to create New Cash. 

That's where my team of experts and myself are constantly innovating and updating our training during this short, 2-day event. 

One of the foundations of this event is not only teaching you how to do just that, but also ensure that you master those skills and put them into practice at our Marketplace.

You'll not only get to hone your cash creation skills during the Marketplace, most of our attendees actually create cash during the event. Our top attendee this year made $19,000 during the event. 

Not bad for less than a $100 investment!


One of Loral's superpowers is knowing how to sequence literally everything to efficiently produce the right result every time.

Product Funnel

You'll learn the importance of a product funnel, how to design it quickly and intuitively move clients through it.

Conversation Arc

Learn how to have efficient conversations, knowing how to identify the Arc of a conversation, getting right to the part that matters.

Spectrum of a Sale

You'll learn the psychology of a sale and how to identify and address a prospects readiness to change. Know what to say, when and how to say it, without being a "salesperson".


You're going to learn how to simplify your marketing, knowing where to find new prospects daily. The list of resources and content covered during this section is immense!

Financial Education

You are going to get thousands of dollars worth of real financial education that you can use and profit from immediately. You're going to learn how the wealthy do it?

What To Expect During
The Millionaire Maker Meetup & Marketplace

Upcoming Virtual Event Date: October 21-22 or November 11-12, 2021

Our Last Event Was Amazing

We kicked off our 2 day online event with a a diverse group of entrepreneurs from every level... Our attendees range from budding startups, brick and mortar owners, to multi-millionaire CEO's, Real Estate Investors, Developers and more... 

This curriculum and format is proven to meet you where you are, and arm you with the skills and sequencing to set you on a path to financial freedom. 

No matter what industry you are in...

How big or small your business is... 

How much money you already have... 

This event will help you make monumental shifts in your wealth building.

Learn From Experts

Loral and her hand picked experts will show you the power of an integrated team, aligning all areas of expertise to your vision.

Driven Attendees

You'll be able to network with a a room full of fellow attendees,  giving you a jumpstart on your database, potentially becoming your customers.

Unbeatable Location

You don't need to go anywhere, you can attend the event from the comfort of your home or office via Zoom. 

Plentiful Resources

Get immediate access to training materials and next steps to help prepare you to get the most out of the event.

This Event Fills Up Fast - Secure Your Spot Today

Each event is limited on space to ensure each attendee gets the attention necessary to absorb to immense amount of training provided. Register early.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have the time?

Take days off work! Zig Ziglar said it best. “We all have 24-hour days.” That being said, we don’t like flakes. A flake is someone who generally makes plans with you, promises to do things with or for you but can never seem to follow through. When confronted with their behavior they usually get defensive and run away. If this is you, you’re off the hook.

What is going to be on the agenda?

Loral is personally going to be there to teach you a highly sequenced curriculum. She’s going to work with you 1:1 to make sure you’re successful. If you’re picky about being a few minutes behind of going over by 5, then this isn’t the environment for you. 

Do I have to be on the whole time?

Yes, you have to be on the whole time. Loral bills out at $5,000/hr and she’s on for a minimum of 6 Hours. That’s $30,000 worth of Loral’s time. If you bet on for the entire duration of the event you’re not going to be there when Loral delivers this valuable content. 

I'm busy, I don't think I can make it...

Busy? Busy making a sh*t ton of money I hope. If you’re not making seven figures and blowing off this event to do a deal then this event is most likely not for you. You see, we all have the same time and the way we schedule our lives ultimately determines our end result. What else do you have going on that is going to contribute to your family legacy or make you money at the event? 

I can't attend due to a funeral for a family member...

We understand and we offer you our sincerest condolences. May you find comfort among family and friends during this time and moving forward. We also want you to know that Sickness and Death in the family are the #1 causes of financial stress. The more you know how to build a legacy of wealth for these outcomes, the better prepared you will be. 

Will I really make money at this event?

Yes! If you attend the full sessions and play full out, you will make money. Follow the proprietary processes that are taught at the event and you will be successful. Do nothing and get nothing. 

What People Say

Great place to be a member. You get some education about owning a business for the right set up and more. You meet other professionals that you can learn from and/or do business with.

Jancie LaGesse

Highly recommend this group to anyone looking to improve their skills in business. I have gained many contacts being a part of this group as well.

Cory Mcgeehon

I attend a seminar where Loral was speaking. As soon as she starting talking I was on the edge of my seat wanting to learn more of what she had to say. I immediately signed up for the workshop. The way the workshop is designed was ideal for my style of learning. I was in the driver's seat doing the work. The instructors were all there to let me know if I am making a wrong turn. I earned $360 during the event which is unheard of at training events. However, event better than that. I have incorporated what I learned and making money everyday and not just giving out free samples in hopes of someone purchasing my product.

Kelli Owens

Loral rocks! I am already a successful and former do it on your own business owner/investor. I spent the last 15 years trying to create and assemble the education and team you have access to day one through IWS. As a Big Table member, Loral and her team have added tremendous value to my business. The depth of knowledge and education in one place is unmatched. I have been able to upgrade my team of experts in several key areas. Also her techniques and access to like a minded community of experts, I am on my way to double my business / portfolio this year alone. Whether you are just starting out or already successful IWS has the education and community to take you to the next level. 

Jon Howard

Loral Langemeier shows you how to sell and make money in her Virtual Marketplace. It is very practical with the simple tools that she gives for you to implement right away. You will meet other entrepreneurs and you will generate revenue in this community.

Marsha Lecour

If you have something to sell, you need to be her! Loral's Virtual Marketplace is a one of a kind event where you make money while you're there! This is a fantastic place to meet new people and increase your network and your #NetWorth!!!

Melissa Charity Waldron

If you want to get access to excellent information, and a platform to practice your implementation, while being supported by phenomenal coaches through the process, you want to engage and participate, truly a one of a kind experience!

Ezanne Swanepoel

When People Hear Your Name...
What Do They Think Of?

Not what you want them to think of, but what do they immediately think of? Loral & her team of experts are going to help you get this right.

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